The Full Strength of a Missing Molar Can Be Restored by a Dental Implant

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Molars are the large teeth in the back of your mouth that are called upon to grind and chew the foods you consume. If you’ve lost a molar to untreated decay, extraction, or dental avulsion, it can significantly limit your oral function. In some cases, a molar or premolar can be restored by a dental bridge. Yet many people who choose this route complain that the tooth doesn’t feel like it has the same natural strength as the original.

In a case like this, Dr. Bryce Hanson might recommend a dental implant in Shelley, Idaho. This is essentially a titanium abutment that they inserts directly into the bone structure of the remaining socket.

Since it is a form of oral surgery, you will need to be fully sedated for your comfort. Then, your oral surgeon will make a small incision in the gums before drilling a small channel in the underlying bone. A titanium abutment will then be screwed into the channel.

Titanium is known for being biologically safe and will fuse into your natural bone to create a very firm anchor point for a dental crown. This will give the eventual crown the strength and feeling of a natural tooth.

Once your gums have healed and the titanium implant has been fully integrated into the surrounding bone tissues, we can start the process of installing a standard dental crown.

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