Long-Lasting Smiles Can Benefit From Toothbrushing Techniques

If you want to improve your smile, it is important to make sure you focus on your oral health care routines and your daily cleaning methods. By improving the way you brush your teeth daily, you can help lower your risk for several problems and issues that can arise with your oral health. When seeking… Read more »

Where Does Plaque Come From?

Have you noticed a filmy substance that may keep building up along your gumline and on your teeth? Does brushing, flossing, or gently scraping it usually make it go away for a time? That could be plaque, a continually forming sticky and colorless film of sugars and bacteria. You naturally have bacteria residing in your… Read more »

Making Routine Oral Health Treatments Work for You

Do you have any questions about your oral health care? Do you have any questions about the products you are using or how to use certain teeth-cleaning tools to improve your oral hygiene routine? Did you know there are oral appliances that can make cleaning your teeth easier and more effective, or even provide an… Read more »

Various Issues Associated With Cold and Flu Season Treatments

Taking care of your teeth and gums requires more than just cleaning your mouth out with traditional cleaners. Several oral health risks can arise long before cleaning can occur, so it is important to protect your teeth as soon as issues begin to arise. One particularly devastating effect that can occur in your mouth as… Read more »

The Role of Mouthwash in Your Oral Health

As life goes, some of the foods we love the most cause unpleasant odors to linger on our breath. While breath fresheners such as gum and breath mints can temporarily mask bad breath, they don’t eliminate bacteria, which is the root of foul breath most often. To freshen your breath in the long term and… Read more »

Root Canal Treatment: Common Questions Asked

If you have questions about root canal treatment, then our dentist, Dr. Bryce Hanson, is more than happy to give you the answers you’re looking for. Many people have questions about this treatment because it can seem complex. So, the more you know, the better. To help you, our dentist would like to give you… Read more »

Smile Therapy: Therapeutic Mouthwash

  If you wish to enhance your smile through the use of a mouthwash treatment, it is always important to understand the differences between each one. Two common varieties of mouthwash are cosmetic mouthwashes and therapeutic mouthwashes. Whereas cosmetic mouthwash is mainly used to freshen breath, therapeutic mouthwash can actually kill the bacteria responsible for… Read more »

Your Potential Signs and Factors of Gum Disease

When the gum tissues that surround and support your teeth are affected by gum disease, the result can be tooth loss. The cause of gum disease is the sticky bacterial film on teeth known as plaque, but the symptoms are typically painless and often don’t raise any alarm in patients who have gum disease. We… Read more »

Chewing on Foreign Objects Can Potentially Chip a Tooth

The human mouth and your natural tooth enamel is designed to handle the intake and processing of normal foods. Evolution has gifted your teeth the necessary hardness to bite off, chew, and process tough foods for safe swallowing. It is worth noting that introducing foreign objects like pencils and pens to your mouth could lead… Read more »

If You Struggle With Flossing, Consider a Water Flosser

Water flossing uses a steady jet of water to perform an interdental cleaning of the teeth and gums, removing plaque buildup. Our dentist may suggest a water flosser if traditional dental floss is not enough to help you maintain a healthy smile. If you struggle to use a floss string, you are not alone. Many… Read more »