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If you wish to enhance your smile through the use of a mouthwash treatment, it is always important to understand the differences between each one. Two common varieties of mouthwash are cosmetic mouthwashes and therapeutic mouthwashes. Whereas cosmetic mouthwash is mainly used to freshen breath, therapeutic mouthwash can actually kill the bacteria responsible for bad breath and even provide additional benefits for your smile.

Therapeutic mouthwash has been proven to help reduce plaque, gingivitis, bad breath and cavities. This is because it often contains materials that are designed to kill the bacteria in your mouth rather than just mask it. If you have any stains or discolorations, numerous types of mouthwash also exist to help introduce teeth whitening materials into your mouth.

If you ever struggle trying to figure out which mouthwash is best for you, speak with your dentist about product recommendations or suggestions. Furthermore, the American Dental Association awards the ADA Seal of Acceptance to products which are proven safe and effective. Determine what your goals are with your mouthwash and look for products that meet those. This can include mouthwash to help treat plaque buildup, freshen breath, reduce the speed of tartar, or even help to reduce gingivitis.

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