Focus Your Oral Health Care on Dentures

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The time has come once more to improve your smile by creating a checklist for all dental damage to see if any restorations or replacements are needed to restore your smile for the new year. If you have any lost or missing teeth, is important to consider the benefits of dentures.

If you are missing any lost teeth, dentures can be manufactured to match your exact dental profile. This means you can have your dentures customized and crafted for the look and feel your smile requires. Furthermore, dentures can be crafted for as little as a single tooth or just a few, known as partial dentures, or complete dentures, which are complete rows of teeth that can be put into place.

If you do decide on dentures, it is important to continue to care for them as you would your own natural teeth. Although they do need to be cleaned, you will need to use alternative methods, as abrasive products including toothpaste can easily damage them. In addition, avoid using teeth whiteners, bleach, hot water or other similar abrasive materials on them. When removing dentures for nightly cleanings, always store them in their denture-cleaning solution. Before inserting your dentures back into your mouth every morning, it is important to wash the dentures with normal water to remove any harmful cleaning chemicals that may linger.

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