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Have you noticed a filmy substance that may keep building up along your gumline and on your teeth? Does brushing, flossing, or gently scraping it usually make it go away for a time? That could be plaque, a continually forming sticky and colorless film of sugars and bacteria.

You naturally have bacteria residing in your mouth and which can gather on your tongue and teeth. Plaque can often begin forming at the gumline, but you shouldn’t worry too much as it is completely normal to have some and our dentist may even expect to see it. You can have problems, however, if you don’t remove the plaque frequently. It can calcify and become tartar, which is much harder to get rid of and Dr. Bryce Hanson’s help may be needed.

Additional problems can come when the bacteria in your mouth mixes with the sugars and starches in your diet. They can produce an acid that could eat through a tooth’s enamel and form a cavity if it isn’t cleaned away.

Preventing plaque buildup

To easily help prevent plaque buildup you can practice proper dental hygiene. Our dentist advises you to brush at least twice a day and floss once daily. You might also limit your sugary and starchy foods which could restrict the bacteria’s food supply. Sugar-free gum can help to increase your saliva, which can naturally clean your mouth of food particles.

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