Dentistry in the 20th Century: A Historical Timeline

Did you know that dentistry has been practiced for over 14,000 years? Even so, it wasn’t until the last few hundred years that the field rapidly improved and was brought to the general population. The 1900s, in particular, was a century of great advances in dental technology. Here’s a brief timeline to illustrate: 1903: An American dentist named Dr. Charles... read more »

The Full Strength of a Missing Molar Can Be Restored by a Dental Implant

Molars are the large teeth in the back of your mouth that are called upon to grind and chew the foods you consume. If you’ve lost a molar to untreated decay, extraction, or dental avulsion, it can significantly limit your oral function. In some cases, a molar or premolar can be restored by a dental bridge. Yet many people who... read more »