Fascinating CEREC Crown Applications

Our crowns are so excellent that your teeth will actually feel like kings when wearing them. Dental crowns sit atop a damaged tooth to make it whole again. They are prosthetic pieces that are shaped like your original tooth so they feel like a natural part of your mouth, and visually blend in flawlessly. Traditionally, dentists have used crowns that... read more »

A Tooth with a Chip in a Critical Location Might Need a Crown

There are several different things that can cause a chip on one or more teeth. This is even more likely to befall you if you grind your teeth at night or if you tend to use your teeth as tools. If the chip is in a critical location, the structural compromise could lead to further fractures and even more significant... read more »

The Full Strength of a Missing Molar Can Be Restored by a Dental Implant

Molars are the large teeth in the back of your mouth that are called upon to grind and chew the foods you consume. If you’ve lost a molar to untreated decay, extraction, or dental avulsion, it can significantly limit your oral function. In some cases, a molar or premolar can be restored by a dental bridge. Yet many people who... read more »