If You Have Lost Multiple Teeth to Gum Disease, a Partial Denture Can Restore the Function of Your Mouth

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If you procrastinate seeking professional care for gum disease the inflammation can gradually progress into a serious periodontal infection. When this happens small pockets of infected material can start to build up near the roots of your teeth.

This can eventually cause multiple teeth to be lost in one area of your mouth. When this happens there might not be sufficient structure to permanently anchor dental implants without additional oral surgeries.

In a situation like this Dr. Bryce Hanson might recommend fitting you for a removable partial denture. This is an abbreviated form of a complete denture designed to replicate each of your missing teeth.

Dr. Bryce Hanson will start the process by examining the area to make sure the neighboring teeth are healthy and strong. If any other teeth have been compromised by periodontal disease, they might recommend having extracting them so they can also be included in the partial denture.

Once this is done, Dr. Bryce Hanson will cast a detailed impression of the area including the corresponding teeth in your bite pattern. This will be sent to a professional dental lab where your partial denture will be made.

If you live in the Shelley, Idaho, area and you have teeth compromised by periodontal disease, we invite you to call 208-357-7611 to set up a consultation with Dr. Bryce Hanson. We look forward to helping you maintain your beautiful smile!