Don’t Forget to Visit Us When You’re Expecting!

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Getting ready for a baby is a big job! Right now, you are thinking about trips to the doctor, buying clothes, picking out a crib, and of course, selecting your new baby’s name! And while you’re getting ready for your new arrival, make sure that seeing your dentist is a part of your prenatal routine!

By visiting your dentist, you can have a cleaning, and have any dental issues addressed before your baby comes. That will of course, be one less thing to worry about during a busy time in your life! But there are some dental issues related to pregnancy, and Dr. Bryce Hanson at River Valley Dental in Shelley, Idaho would love to take the time to make sure that your teeth and mouth stay healthy while you are expecting.

When you are pregnant, the level of acid in your mouth increases. And you will more than likely experience morning sickness. Morning sickness will increase the amount of acid in your mouth, and acidity can lead to tooth decay. As your levels of progesterone and estrogen go up, that can affect the bones that support your teeth, which may cause tooth loss. Pregnancy can also increase your chances of gingivitis. Of course, be sure to brush and floss twice a day.

Dental procedures are safe for you and for your baby, and can be done at any time during your pregnancy. But the best time for elective dental work is during your second trimester. Contact our office today at 208-357-7611. We’ll be happy so schedule you for an exam or a consultation and discuss any concerns you may have.