Chewing on Foreign Objects Can Potentially Chip a Tooth

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The human mouth and your natural tooth enamel is designed to handle the intake and processing of normal foods. Evolution has gifted your teeth the necessary hardness to bite off, chew, and process tough foods for safe swallowing.

It is worth noting that introducing foreign objects like pencils and pens to your mouth could lead to one or more chipped teeth. A similar threat is also posed by frequently crunching on ice, or nervously nibbling on your fingernails.

When a tooth is chipped, it’s important to have a dentist like Dr. Bryce Hanson examine it as soon as possible. Even if the tooth remains fully intact, a small pocket of tooth decay could gradually buildup in the compromised area of tooth enamel. This could quickly spread to the inner dentin or pulp layer of the tooth.

With timely attention Dr. Bryce Hanson might be able to repair the chipped tooth by installing a standard dental filling.

This method of treatment involves Dr. Bryce Hanson numbing the tooth before meticulously removing a small amount of surrounding tooth enamel. This will create the necessary surface capable of bonding the eventual dental filling.

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